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Corporate responsibility is based on the principles of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit 

At Global Event Partners, we want to grow our business sustainably and responsibly in a way that supports communities and safeguards the environment. With the right balance, our business will prosper and bring value not only to our current stakeholders but also to future generations

Global Event Partners is committed to observing and promoting responsible and ethical business practices. This Code of Business Ethics sets the expectations for the behaviour that we make on behalf of our company and our clients. We require all of our employees to follow and support this code.

Legal and Ethical Expectations

While representing our company in a professional capacity, Global Event Partners requires that all its employees agree to comply with national and other applicable laws of the country in which we operate.

Human Rights

Global Event Partners leadership at all levels shall maintain an open door policy and will address concerns respectfully, fairly and in a timely manner. Global Event Partners recognises and respects the importance of fairness as a fundamental currency in business and society and shall ensure workers are not subjected to any form of physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment.


Global Event Partners will consider employees for positions on the basis of their qualifications and abilities. Global Event Partners will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, political or religious beliefs, social, ethnic or national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or disability.

Health and Safety

Global Event Partners will provide all employees with safe and healthy work environments in compliance with local health and safety laws and will take adequate steps to prevent accidents or injuries to health occurring in the course of work.

Environmental Commitment

Global Event Partners is taking action and making investments to take responsibility and reduce environmental impacts in areas under its control. Global Event Partners upholds a strong environmental commitment to protect and restore the natural environment.


Global Event Partners understands that a successful business requires the ethical collaboration and engagement with all its stakeholders. Global Event Partners employees shall respect this Code of Business Ethics and shall join the effort to promote more responsible business practices and to actively do their utmost to meet the expectations outlined here.